God Is Willing To Help But You Have To Stretch Your Hand

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Does it seem like your dreams would never come true?  Does it seem like everything about you has come to a standstill? Do you feel like there is no open heaven over your head?

I am sure you feel as if God has forgotten about your case

No matter how big you imagine God, He is still bigger than that which you have imagined. How big is that problem that you think it cannot be solved? How heavy is that burden that you think it cannot be lifted? Worry and anxiety will do you no good. Until you get to the point of acknowledging that “my help comes only from the Lord” By presenting your case before him in the place of prayer with faith. Because He has promised that your expectations shall not be cut short, you will experience a genuine turn around.

According to the book of Genesis 1:26, God created MAN for Dominion. The question is; am I living a life of dominion or am living a life of mediocrity? Do I live my life in self pity, hopelessness and purposelessness; been tossed to and fro every direction by the wind of life? Am I aware of my kingdom responsibility or I have been overwhelmed with situations, circumstances and other pressures of life?

God is saying Put me first in everything, pray effectively, “Trust me with all your heart and do not rely on your own insight, in all your ways acknowledge me” (Proverbs 3:5). This is the only way a twisted destiny can be revisited, straightened and re-aligned with Gods purpose.

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Francis Apeh

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God Is Willing To Help But You Have To Stretch Your Hand

by Francis Apeh time to read: 1 min