Permanent Voters Card Not Enough For The 2023 General Election: The Need For The Finger Of God In The Dark Time Of Nigeria

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New order arrived in town. It was never seen before, no man (or woman) as matter of fact has ever laid claim to this kind of order before. Everybody was amazed at where it came from. The leaders of the people vexed themselves against it to uproot it, but it was a Kingdom that was built without hand, it is an order of the Kingdom that is not meant to pass away.

I will show you a story from the Bible, something that happened after the birth of the new order that swallowed the old order in Israel at the time. I know it is what we need to uproot the decay of our time, overcome the political battle that has almost swallowed our land, the land of Nigeria, the land we are supposed to celebrate and showcase the Glory of our GOD; for all nations of the earth to run into it, and glorify the God of heaven.

The incident happened at a gate called beautiful in Jerusalem where a beggar always sat to receive money gifts and alms from people that come around to pray at the temple. Everyone else for many years helps him with money to survive, but his major need was healing for his lame feet. He was usually carried to the point daily to beg for a living. GOD blessed him with everything but he was robbed of it, just like our nation today. Nigeria has every resource in abundance to be great, to feed other nations of the world; but the wicked men and women in the land, in the name of politics, have sold the destiny of Nigeria to the devil, and the people have become beggars in their inheritance. The foundation of Nigeria is built on faulty pillars, only God knows what kind of sacrifice took place before the commencement of this great nation that has been hijacked by greed and selfish men. How can a great nation as ours be rotating around a few while the majority is begging the few for everything to survive in their inheritance?

If we fail to arise at such a time as this, our generations unborn will curse our graves for our irresponsive role in a country that we seem to be indifferent to the negotiation of its destiny and wellbeing. Angels are not the rightful owners of this battle, it is our battle and if the battle must be fought, then it must not be left to our innocent children who didn’t know how we came to this mess point in the history of this great nation. The evil that you don’t kill will kill you, and any evil that succeeds to kill you will also enslave our children for prey. We must arise to proclaim restoration to our nation and rescue her from the mess of the wicked.

As the beggar at the beautiful gate looked upon Peter and John to also receive financial help from them, the story that day changed for him because a new order arrived in town. See what the Bible says:

And fixing his [the beggar) eyes on him, with John, Peter said, “Look at us.” So he gave them his attention, expecting to receive something from them. Then Peter said, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise and walk.” And he took him by the right hand and lifted him, and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. (Acts 3:47, NKJV.)

What an amazing order; this order can also heal a land, this other can also deliver a people from a messed and redundant government, and this order can also heal a hungry nation. This order can restore hope to a people, this order can replace a weak economy, this order is an order that tells the devil it is enough and there can be no argument.

Nigeria is like “a nation, a people, robbed and plundered; all of them are snared in holes, and they are hidden in prison houses; they are for a prey, and no one delivers; For plunder, and no one says, “Restore!”

We must arise to declare restoration upon our land, upon the land of our birth; our leaders have gone to dine with the enemy of mankind that has no heart for mercy. Wickedness is sport and fun to the devil; will you fold your hands to watch as if all is well with the land of Nigeria? Are you happy with the point we are in the economic rating of the world? Why should you be fine, when lives perish and are been sacrificed for no offence that they have done other than accepting to be born as Nigerians?

The battle against the destiny of Nigeria is an organized spiritual battle. It is not a surprise to notice that the same Nigerians who are suffering from the pains and hardship in the land are still the same people defending and are ready to go to any length in the defence of the so-called political forces that have subjected the land to poverty and economic heartbreak. This is spiritual; it is not a physical choice at all. The people of Nigerians are bewitched against one another to rather look for fault with one another than see the leadership problems that are the root cause of the mess the nation is currently in. I have never seen or heard of any nation where prices of the very goods that are produced within their country rise to over 200% before, but this is the situation in Nigeria today. From 2017 to 2018, a mud, “about 8 milk cups” of grind corn was sold for #150, but as of today, it is sold for #500, One KG of cooking gas was sold at #300; today 1KG is sold for about #900 depending on your location in Nigeria, and so on.

The land is sold to slavery, the land is suffering and exposed to all human problems, no job, no money, inflation is at the peak, diseases have swallowed up the land, and insecurity has become as common as the air we breathe. If we would not arise and embrace the new order, the fingers of God, from where shall our deliverance come? The land is sold and deep in greed, everyone is after his or her belly, no love, no concern for the less privileged, and everyone has gone to nurse his or her wound. Shall we keep quiet until the land is completely ruined? Arise; the call is unto us to arise. Don’t be silent for there is hope for us in God.

Sir/Ma, Nigeria is battled for in the realm of the spirit, it is a waste of time to fight the battle of Nigeria in the FLESH; with physical weapons, the people will lose out, we will just wrestle in vain, the land will continue to suffer again. It is a battle of the spirit, the destiny of Nigeria is a competition between evil and good, darkness and light, and it is beyond the hearing of the ears. You must see the battle against the land of Nigeria beyond the physical eyes.

What do you have for this battle, only PVC is not enough, your grammar is not required, the battle is spiritual — if the light will overcome darkness then the light must shine — the light must awake from the state of rest? This is not a time to be satisfied because you have your daily food to eat with your children; millions of Nigeria went to bed last night with nothing to share for dinner. The battle is spiritual and beyond the battle of words. The devil is not resting; a lazy man can’t win any battle. If the people must be free from this cage of the enemy, political enslavers, then the land must turn to the God of heaven and engage His finger. The land must be declared for Jesus. Jesus must be enthroned as Lord over the land at every quarter. Except we call upon the name of the Lord our GOD, to gain Himself honour in Nigeria, darkness will still prevail. PVC is not enough, it is good, but I tell you the truth, it is not a battle of the human hand, it is beyond the physical realm. The politicians in the land are only tools, familiar masks; someone else is behind the masks.

Jesus is a winner-man, where He is enthroned as Lord, He wins, and He has not lost a battle before. If we will win, then only Jesus Christ can win against the Devil in a contest; if the land must be free, and returned to the rightful owners, then only Jesus can win for Nigerians. Jesus is the first weapon we need before the poll. Except the battle is won in the spirit, the poll will not amount to anything.

Nigeria needs genuine repentance, Nigeria requires the true Gospel, Nigerians need to return to Jesus, and let us call upon our GOD to deliver us from this political enslavement, the political era of spiritual manipulators who have turned the masses into tools of satisfying their greed, while the masses are rendered helpless.

This is not time to wait for a miracle to just happen, it is time for action, and we must repent, and enthrone Jesus Christ as Lord and God over Nigeria. We must return the nation to Jesus, only then we are sure of victory at the poll. A spiritual battle is a faith battle, don’t let what you see on daily basis, or hear from the news, dismal you or hold you back from trusting God through this battle. It is not over until it is over, only God has the final say, when there is a people that are ready to seek the will and the finger of the Lord God on the earth, God will never turn His back on them.

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John Ojoagbene
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I am John Ojoagbene Obilikwu, a writer and a teacher of the word of God. I live in the FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. My number is +2347030275114. My social contacts are: Facebook: and @John_Ojoagbene on twitter

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John Ojoagbene

I am John Ojoagbene Obilikwu, a writer and a teacher of the word of God. I live in the FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. My number is +2347030275114. My social contacts are: Facebook: and @John_Ojoagbene on twitter

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Permanent Voters Card Not Enough For The 2023 General Election: The Need For The Finger Of God In The Dark Time Of Nigeria

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