Life Coaching: 3 Things Your Purpose Will Give To You When Known

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When the purpose of a thing (and person) is not known, abuse is inevitable – suggesting that abuse (and misuse) is not a question when we ignore the matter of purpose of anything, person, organization or generation. May I say very clearly that everything existing today has its unique purpose. Granted, purpose may be unknown at any given time; but it exists. The purpose of anything is the first step towards the emergence of anything or any business or person.

I intend to be as explicit in this article as possible to save time; however, I intend to be guided by the Spirit of God – the Creator of everyone! Your purpose will do among other things, these enumerated things for you when you know it:

Your Purpose Will Give You Focus

The jack of all trades the people say is a master of none. God created every man and woman on earth today; and He gave each a purpose to fulfill on earth. Many things are done in many places at the same time on the earth; and the technological advancements have even made everything done everywhere visible to everyone at same time. Because of that, many of us are daily bombarded with options, choices and opportunities. We are advised to start different things by different people who are only concerned with their own products and services. We are told to take courses and become different things. And for many of us, we are privileged to be talented in many things. The questions many of us ask daily is, “Who Am I?” and “What Am I living to do or become?”. Those questions are important, and until we find answers to them, we may not become great in our life-time. We will be involved in many unnecessary ventures, relationships and training until we find the one thing we were created to become and to do on the earth. Therefore, understanding of purpose among other things gives us focus on the single most important thing we must live and die for!

Your Purpose Will Give You Passion

You struggle over many things now because you lack passion to push them through. You wake in the morning, hoping Friday comes because you lack passion for the job you do. Your purpose will not only give you focus, it gathers all your passion into one important thing and makes you “a workaholic man or woman”. When you have not found your purpose, you tell people you want to go for break; when your purpose is known to you, people ask you to go for break. You wonder why you have to close early when you know your purpose; but when unknown, you worry about your hours in the office – you just want to go home. Purpose gives passion to anyone that finds it.

Do you know that everyone of us has passion for one thing or the other? Some of us are passionate sport lovers, we spend endless hours watching our favourite clubs and even spend more hours discussing how our clubs were defeated and how they defeated other teams. We all have passion! What purpose does is to gather your entire passion into one most important thing in your life – your life assignment!

The fishes do not have passion for what we have passion for; the birds of the air just love to fly; and lions are always excited taking jungles and eating up other animals for survival. What is your own passion? What will you love to do at no charge to anyone? If you do not know it now, you may have to find your purpose before it becomes too late in life!

Your Purpose Will Give You Protection

If you are a king, and you send three(3) men to another kingdom to do economic spy on the kingdom and bring you report at a stipulated date. For their journey and work, you gave them 10,000 pieces of silver each and gave them cloths and each had a security personnel with him. However, when they arrive at their place of assignment, one decides to party around and become friends with the natives and even chooses to stay with them permanently. The second decides to do nothing because the first has abandoned the purpose of the journey. And the third does not even remember why they came – wondering why on earth are they in that kingdom!

This may sound like an extreme case; however, that is how many of us are living today. We expect God to keep us healthy and safe everywhere we go, every time we go out; yet we have abandoned the reason for our journey to this earth. We expect the security personnel to be loyal to us and protect us as we indulge ourselves; truly, a man cannot eat his cake and have it at the same time. We can only be guaranteed of protection in this kingdom – earth, only when we remain true to our reason for being here! Purpose, when known, does not only give focus and passion; it secures us and makes God’s resources available for us.

If you are ignorant of your purpose for living, you will surely abuse your life – your beauty, intelligence, riches and connections notwithstanding. The only thing that will make you a faithful servant sent on errand by God to this earth is not your wealth or length of life; but your fulfillment of the reason for your creation. If you have any question, comment or request, feel free to contact me. God bless you as you adhere to the words of this  article in Jesus name.

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Gboyega Adedeji

Mentored By Jesus Christ | Writer | Inspiring Speaker | Publisher | Coach | Builder | CEO @ | President/CEO at Centre for New Dimension Leadership | Entrepreneur | Husband & Father. Engaging me will change you!

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Life Coaching: 3 Things Your Purpose Will Give To You When Known

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